Evoluon to remain as national monument

The iconic Eindhoven building with its tower, park, and pond will remain intact, it was decided during a city council chat session on Tuesday, after questions from the CDA (Christian Democrats) and PvdA (Labour Party).

The parties are concerned about infringement on the Evoluon’s cultural and historical value when it is sold by owner Philips. City officials and Alderman Seuren dismissed the concerns on Tuesday as “unjustified”.

“The Hague wants the Evoluon to become a national monument. Should it reach that status, nothing may be constructed or demolished in or around the Evoluon.”

Philips is still on the hunt for a suitable buyer.

The Evoluon has been on the list to be designated a national monument of the post-war Netherlands for years. Provincial councils recently suggested turning the building into a design museum.


Source: www.studio040.nl
Translated by: Bob

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