Eindhoven launches campaign against discrimination

Eindhoven launches campaign against discrimination

The Municipality of Eindhoven and the Adviespunt Discriminatie (Discrimination Advisory Board) are starting to work with a campaign against discrimination. The number of reports of discrimination is declining and the Advisory Board finds that strange.

According to the Advisory Board, discrimination is the order of the day. It is therefore not true that fewer reports are received. They are afraid that people will increasingly accept that it is happening or that people cannot find a solution.

The Discrimination Advisory Board wants equal treatment for all. People often think of skin color in discrimination, but judgement on pregnancy, gender, age, disabilities and sexual orientation are also subject to discrimination. And it happens everywhere; at the workplace, on the street and at school.

In the coming weeks, the campaign can be found in several places in the center of the city. The campaign is along the same line as the national campaign ‘DIS NIE OK!’ (DIS NOT OK!). The key message of the campaign is that people should report when there is discrimination.

Source: Studio040

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