Self-built catapults at intro Fontys Engineering

Self-built catapults at intro Fontys Engineering

226 students wrapped in a white shirt and dozens of supervisors. They are making a party of the introduction of the Student Association Innovum for upcoming students Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive and Mechatronics.

In the morning, all groups sorted by first names build a catapult. The goal is to sling a can of beer as far away as possible with the catapult. When group ‘Jeroen’ or ‘Daan’ gets green light, the cans of beer fly around fast. In the field is Kees Heldens, employed by Fontys. With a kind of rowboat paddle, he tries to crush the tin cans.

If all students scream “Pants off, on Your Head”, then the organization takes their pants off to put them on their head under the loud cheers of the students. “The introduction is mainly to make students acquainted with each other. In addition, the four studies are mixed, because there is also a lot of cooperation in the field of work,” says Stef van Lierop. He is one of the so-called ‘dads’ and accompanies a group of upcoming students

Another dad is Michael Mareels, graduated from Fontys Electrical Engineering. He remembers his first introductory day as the day of yesterday. “It’s always super cozy this year, this is my last year unfortunately.” During his studies, he noticed that companies were doing all the best to contract him. Because students in the engineering field are highly sought after. “They will give lectures here, and then they will send out a business card for students who like to study internally. In addition, some companies are very closely involved in school projects, so they all try to attract students.”

When Michael first participated in the introduction, two women participated. He still remembers that. Currently there are twelve. Still not overwhelming much, but it’s an increase. “I think women very much needed in this sector. I cannot explain it that well, but women have a different perspective towards technical problems than men,” says Lorraine Korsten. She enters her second year of study in electrical engineering.

In total, 226 students registered for the introductory week of the Innovum Study Association. The beer flows richly among them, and it will continue to take place throughout the week.

Source: Studio040

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