Scholars To Showcase Cooking Talent In Kookstrijd 2017 Final

Scholars show off cooking talent in Kookstrijd 2017 final

Scholars from the Eindhoven region are to compete in the final of  Kookstrijd 2017 tonight.

During the competition, it has become clear who has the talent to become a renowned chef. In the final, the learners have to prepare an unknown dish, which will be judged by top chefs and a culinary guild.

Auditions for the final were held at Strijp-S. Forty youngsters, between the ages of 9 and 17 were chosen. There are two categories: Primary school and high school.

The cooking competition is an eliminating race. Last year the winners received a trophy and lunch at a top restaurant.

The final is tonight at the Sligro in Hurksestraat in Eindhoven.

Source: studio040
Translator: Melinda
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