Regional ambulance service expands considerably

The ambulance care in the Eindhoven region is considerably being expanded. 30 full-time jobs are being created and there will be five additional ambulances over the next three years. Also there will be a turn-out location, situated at the English Garden in Waalre.

More manpower and ambulances are needed as the number of emergency rides is increasing each year. Because society is ageing and the elderly live at home longer, the assistance of the ambulance services is more often needed.

According to the GGD (Public Health Service) intervention is now necessary to arrive on time with emergencies and patients in the near future as it can save lives. The regional ambulance service gets on time with the patient in 93 percent of all cases now. That means within the rural standard of a quarter of an hour. The aim is to rise that figure up to 95 percent.

The expansion requires an investment of about 2.3 million euros. Seven tons that have been invested by the GGD is being coughed up by the ambulance care by organizing business more efficient. The rest of the amount is being paid by health insurance companies.

The coming period the GGD will be looking for ambulance brothers. That will not be easy, the service says, because there is a shortage of ambulance staff. According to manager Marc van Aachen this is because of the lack of training places in Dutch hospitals.

Translated by : Bob

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