The Holst Centre Slim Shirt Measures Cardiovascular Rates

The Holst Centre slim shirt measures cardiovascular rates

An irritating waistband or watch while exercising is now a thing of the past. The Holst Centre has developed a new way to measure your heart and respiratory rates – the Slim Shirt.

The sensors have been incorporated into the shirt, so you feel nothing while you are exercising. Washing and ironing it is also not a problem. The technology has been refined in such a way that it can withstand soap and heat.

Slim Shirt was developed primarily for athletes by the Holst Center, but can also be used by other relevant groups.

The production is relatively inexpensive as it is done on a 3D-printer, but the retail price for consumers is not yet known. It is not clear when the shirt will be available to purchase.

Source: studio040

Translator: Me;inda

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