Eindhoven test region for traffic of the future

Eindhoven test region for traffic of the future

The automotive region Eindhoven will be the testing environment for new technological developments that make traffic smoother, safer and more sustainable.

The new test environment MobilitymoveZ.NL includes the range of roads around Eindhoven and Helmond, including the A270. Ultimately, the test environment can be extended to Breda and Den Bosch.

Self-driving cars will be tested, trucks that are connected via wifi and drive in ‘platoons’ or traffic lights that communicate with oncoming traffic.

The new test environment is an initiative of the province of North Brabant, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Department of Public Works and the municipalities of Eindhoven, Helmond and Tilburg.

Photo: Jan Burgmans

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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