TEDx Youth 2017 ‘The Beauty of Change’

On the 12th of February, 2017, TEDx Youth ‘The beauty of change’ took place in the International School Eindhoven (ISE). Around 100 people experienced this amazing event.

There were three sessions, 9 speeches in total. 9 Young speakers, with the youngest only being 13, shared their positions and deep thoughts around ‘The beauty of change’ in different aspects, such as social media, stereotyping, art, political correctness and mental health. As the host introduced ‘there are so many things in life that can change’. The speakers used their experienced presenting skills, like postures and clear voice, impressing the audience on the beauty of change. Parents and friends of the speakers recorded the great moment of them.

Sourav Bhattacharjee presented: ‘What we can learn from the game of chess’. “You can never imagine chess can help develop you so many skills, such as time management, failure handling, and bring you the most important thing, fun.” This young boy impressed everyone with his humorous and energetic voice within fifteen minutes.

Besides the speeches, there were also 2 fun pre-recorded videos of official ted talks, ‘This is what happens when you reply to spam email’ and ‘How to tie your shoes’. Moreover, after each break, one music performance was played by students. The organization prepared drinks, fruits and some deserts during the break and comfortable seats for people to communicate and discuss.

This even was organized by students of ISE for the 2nd year following the successful event last year. They expect to see more and more students live on the stage, sharing their thought-provoking talks.


Eindhoven News Author: Tingting

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