Nine Years old boy threatens staff Action with knife

Nine Years old boy threatens staff Action with knife

A nine-year-old boy recently threatened the staff of Action with a knife after he was caught stealing in the store. That reports the police on Facebook.

The boy was caught when the detection gates went off when he wanted to leave the store. The staff stopped him and took him to the back, where the stolen goods emerged from his pockets. Suddenly, the boy was able to grab a knife that was in the room and threatened the staff with it.

One of the staff managed to take the knife, after which the boy grabbed a pen and made stabbing motions. The staff managed to take the pen from him as well.

Meanwhile, the police were alerted. Who could not arrest the boy because he was too young for that, but they have taken him to the police station. The boy lives in Belgium and it turned out that he was already known to the police and aid agencies.

Source: Studio040
Transalator: Cyril C

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