Brainport wants to internationalize education

Brainport wants to internationalize education

Brainport Development believes that education should be more international. Students should especially be trained in three topics: multilingualism, cultural curiosity, collaboration and communication (international).

Brainport has worked with schools in the region for the development of educational programs. At primary school Garland from Eindhoven, they have already been active with the introduction of this new way of learning for a number of years. Deputy Director Sultan Solak is particularly excited because she sees how much fun the students have with the new way of learning.

Thus, group 6 is active in the lab. In groups of two, they are busy making a small power supply that allows them to turn a light on. Another duo is making a dynamo on a bicycle. The whole class is concentrated busy while the teacher is walking around mainly as a coach. The students are very excited. It’s educational and fun.

The children already learn English in a playful way, the teacher puts on her special shawl and then suddenly she speaks only English. The children already know the colours and sing songs in English.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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