Seminar on health care insurance in the Netherlands

A seminar on health care insurance in the Netherlands will take place on Monday 21 November 2016. SGE International, Holland Expat Center South together with CZ insurance company are organising this informative evening.

Health care insurance in the Netherlands is obligatory for all residents but for international people it can be quite challenging to choose the right insurance, sign up for the right package, let alone dealing with claims.

That is why these three organisations are arranging an evening to share with you the most important information and where you can ask your questions.
Organisers say, “’Internationals have questions like ‘is my family insured too?’ or ‘what is covered in the basic package?’ and ‘can I change my policy?” They thought it would be good idea to arrange a special seminar to answer these questions. The time frame to change health insurance policies or provider begins in mid-November and ends 31st December. This is the time to inform international clients, so they can make a decision if they wish to.
The event will take place at Intell hotels Art in Eindhoven. Here you can sign up for the event.

This month SGE International is publishing articles on health insurance on their Facebook page.

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