Eindhoven company lets cripple monkeys walk again

Eindhoven company lets cripple monkeys walk again

Scientists from the Dutch company G-Therapeutics succeeded in making partially paralyzed monkeys able to run again. With two special brain implants, the connection between the brain and paralyzed legs was re-established.

It is the first time that scientists succeeded in making a monkey able to run again, thanks to a chip in the brains. And that offers hope for cripple people. In fact, this research is seen by scientists as a stepping stone to make partially paralyzed people able to run again.

The company, based both in Eindhoven and Lausanne (Switzerland) has already started tests with human patients. Though it will be some time before brain implants can also be used in humans, because the control over legs in humans is a lot more complicated than in monkeys.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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