Peak days for summer fruit pickers

It’s a trend, having your own kitchen garden or allotment and then getting fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the land. Not everybody has this opportunity.

Fortunately there are different companies in the region to ensure you can follow this trend. Such as Van Grotel Blueberries, a family business on the border of Nuenen and Eindhoven, which has been around for almost 50 years.

As soon as the sun is in the sky you can start filling your buckets. It’s a popular excursion for the whole family, according to Van Grotel, some people come the whole day "nice picking, lunch and then more berry picking".

He delivers his berries to the industry, but also to small-scale businesses in Friesland who make all kinds of sweets, such as berry bier or jam. "They have to use my berries, that’s the standard I set, since I never know if other berries have been grown sustainably".

Van Grotel is not the only place where people can harvest their own fruit. This popular activity can also be found at the Philips Fruit Garden. Again, it is clear that fresh and healthy is currently awfully hip. Shortly there will be the annual harvest days on 10, 17 and 24 September, which are expected to be very busy days again this year.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Peter Marijnissen

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