Fund for the city centre Eindhoven realised

Eindhoven businesses and real estate owners in the city centre of Eindhoven will pay towards a fund to make the city centre of Eindhoven more.

Alderman Jakob Wedemeijer made this public after the result of the voting which was held amongst the Eindhoven businesses of the city centre. Eighty-six percent of businesses in the city centre was in favour of the fund and sixty-eight percent of the real estate owners were also in favour of the new fund.

The so-called ‘bedrijveninvesteringszone’ (company investment zone) is the first such a collaboration fund in the Netherlands encompassing the hospitality sector (pubs and cafes etc.), retail and real estate owners of the city.

At present it is mostly the retail companies in the city who put up 400,000 euros annually for the organization of the activities in the city centre. In the future, with the new collaboration fund all concerned companies will contribute based on the ‘WOZ-waarde’ (determined property value) of their businesses.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekke

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