VVD: accessibility of Eindhoven station with new gates

Will the Eindhoven station remain sufficiently accessible when the new system with electronic gates for which you need a pass, comes into effect? This is the question the political party of the VVD asked during a council meeting.

As soon as the renovation of the Eindhoven station is finalised it is intended that the electronic gates will close and pedestrians will no longer be able to use the tunnel to go from the one side of the station to the other side of the station, unless they either have an ov-chipkaart or a special card for persons living in the immediate area, ‘omwonenden-pasje’.

The VVD is concerned about this situation. When the planning decision was made for the station area in 2011, it was stipulated that the station had to have this connecting function, as per VVD.

The issue the electronic gates raises, with the tunnel requiring access by means of a pass through an electronic gate system, is whether this will seriously impede its connecting function and general accessibility.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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