JSF flew over Eindhoven region today

The JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) officially known as the F-35, was flying above Eindhoven region today around 14:45.

The JSF was making an introductory flight above the Netherlands this afternoon. It was spotted by an Eindhoven man who said it made a lot of noise and another spotter said it was hard to make pictures because it flew too fast and too high.

The plane flew over Overijssel, Utrecht, Limburg, Brabant, Zeeland and North-Holland. It was the first time that the fighter aircraft was "presented" to the general public. The aircraft was flying over the most important Air Force locations in NL. Furthermore, it was flying over typical Dutch attractions, such as the Delta Works and Kinderdijk windmills.

The JSF was photographed by an accompanying F-16, while flying over the Dutch attractions.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Galit Diepens

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