KPMG concludes: no need for extra money Muziekgebouw

Photo credit: Eindhoven Media Library

If the Muziekgebouw (music hall Eindhoven) increases financial efficiency by getting better results from catering business ‘Meneer Frits’ and by digitizing ticket selling, they do not need financial support and can continue without money from the municipality.

The advice is produced after research done by KPMG.
Furthermore, money can be saved by cooperating with e.g. the Effenaar on marketing, ticket selling, optimizing of offices and parking places. Negotiations about buying the building of the Muziekgebouw are ongoing.

The advice is described in a plan of action that has to be refined yet.

So far the Muziekgebouw is satisfied with the advice. They still need a bridging credit of 200,000 euros that has been pledged from Eindhoven municipality to execute all measures.
Last year the Muziekgebouw was close to bankruptcy. At that time Eindhoven municipality was able to prevent that.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Christoph van der Reijden

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