Violent customer creates havoc for a beer can

Due to a violent customer, the police were alerted to the PLUS supermarket, on Woenselsestraat, in Eindhoven, yesterday evening.

The customer created havoc for a beer can. He entered the supermarket just before closing time, with the intention to buy a can of beer. Since he seemed heavily under the influence of alcohol, the supermarket personnel refused to sell him the beer. This caused his violent outburst.

Since it was already past 22:00 hrs, the entrance doors did not open automatically any more. It seemed for him, quite a long time, before the personnel had opened the doors. He, therefore, violently kicked the sliding door, thereby, causing damage to the door. Eventually, he left the store. The police gathered statements from the supermarket personnel, at the scene.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Galit Diepens

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