Symposium on health care for internationals on June 2, 2016

To officially mark the opening of SGE International, the primary health care center for internationals on Strijp S in Eindhoven, a symposium on health care for internationals is organised. The event is called ‘Closing the Gap’.

SGE (Eindhoven health care foundation) as initiator of the event, discovered that providing good and accessible health care for non-Dutch citizens is not as simple as it sounds.

Through research in the international community (both individuals and companies) they learned that Dutch health care is not always perceived positively. Language barriers, varied cultural perceptions, different expectations but particularly the unknown prominent role of the GP (family doctor) in the Dutch health care system prove a hurdle.

To focus on different viewpoints on aspects of Dutch health care for internationals, they came up with the idea to organize a symposium on the subject. Meanwhile many parties like Expat Center South, TU/e, PsyQ, CZ (insurance company), BOM (Brabant development agency) and H4I (health care for internationals) amongst others, have joined SGE to create awareness and share knowledge on this subject during the conference.

Questions like what precisely creates the gap, why Dutch health care (overall ranked highly on international scales) is not recognized as high quality by internationals and how to bring supply and demand closer together. Workshop givers sketch the points of view of employers, patients (and his/her family), insurance companies, health care providers and other stake holders. Also the socio-economic importance is addressed.

The invitees are employers of international staff, HR professionals, authorities, (mental) health care professionals, health insurance providers and all other interested parties.
Entrance is free but to prevent empty chairs and disappointment, a no-show fine will be charged and the revenue will be donated to charity.

To have a look at the planned workshops or for registration you can go here.

The event will be held at Seats2Meet on Strijp S Eindhoven on 2nd June, 2016 from 12:30 to 19:00 hrs.

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