Eindhoven has a new type of day care

Trying to get some work done whilst your child is at home, a lot of parents will be well aware that this is not an easy task at all. Anja Wasser was such a parent and therefore came up with a new concept.

Werktuin040 (workgarden040) is a place where parents can work whilst their children are in the same location, similarly occupied with their type of activities, playing.

"I came up with the idea when I realized that whenever I was with my friends and my daughter was playing with their children, with other toys than she would have at home, we as parents would be able to focus better on our conversation, undisturbed by our children and were able to do some work", says Anja. With this realization, Anja Wasser started to further develop the idea. And as a result of her plan, there is now a new type of day care, which doubles up as a workplace for parents and at the same time serves as a play area for children. The werktuin040 is located in the community centre, Wijkcentrum de Werf in Eindhoven.

Every Monday and Thursday morning parents and their children meet and parents take turns in taking care of the children every hour, so that the other parents can work or study in a peaceful environment.

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