Expats’ spouses will teach English to staff ‘t Slingertouw

Expats’ spouses will give English lessons to the teachers at ‘t Slingertouw primary school.

According to Sultan Solak, location manager at ‘t Slingertouw (swinging rope) primary school, this will be done in cooperation with Brainport. The number of expat families in Meerhoven is growing quite rapidly and that is rather noticeable at the school. According to Ms. Solak, two, out of every three families, shown around the school, on a weekly basis, are families of knowledge workers employed mainly at the High Tech Campus.

Therefore, it is necessary, that management and teachers are able to speak rather good English. Teachers have to hold meetings with parents in English and therefore, should use the right terminology for these sessions. Furthermore, teachers have to acquire the necessary tools, in order to be able to give English lessons. The teachers’ ambitions coincide with the spouses’ needs to take part and be involved in their new environment.

An introductory meeting, will take place shortly, between six teachers and spouses. Following the meeting, the English training will begin. According to Mr. Solak, it is quite probable that the number of participants in the English learning project will grow rapidly. ‘t Slingertouw primary school employs sixty teachers and there are aspirations to eventually evolve into an International School.

The spouses experiment will start this week and continue until the end of June.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Galit Diepens

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