TU/e research: power training with vibration gets more results

When you do power training with vibrations, men will achieve far greater results than normal. This has been shown in a research study in TU/e. A vibration of 30 Hertz during training ensures that the effect of the training is 25 to 100 percent more.

It is important to know that this is not only for people who like to be busy in the gym, but also for revalidating patients. People who need to be stronger, but actually do not have the strength to be able to train properly, could have more benefit from this type of training.

From the results of the research and the knowledge gained, the research team from TU/e has incorporated a new fitness device. Spinoff Company Hipermotion would like to bring this to the market. Instead of weights, this device has a motor which provides both vibration and muscle stimulus.

The research of the TU/e was in the hands of Missimo Mischi, who since 2005 is doing the research on this phenomenon. Lin Xu has cooperated in this research and he defends his thesis on this subject tomorrow.

Source: Studi040
Translation: Usha Shankar

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