The program is on line – have a look. Interesting free workshops

Interesting workshops to attend at the 2nd International Social Friday on Friday 29 January 2016: “Looking forward to 2016”. More workshops will follow.

Have a look at the Seats2Meet website for the content of all the workshops. Here you can find also the contact details of the workshop holders, which you need to register for a workshop. Just send them a mail and say you like to attend his/her workshop. Do you like to attend the first round or the second round?

Social Fridays at Seats2Meet are there to share what we have in abundance, together with Eindhoven News and Eindhoven Startups Foundation we make it an international afternoon where people can meet, share and start cooperation.

Program Friday 29 January 2016
13:30 Walk in with tea and coffee (free)
13:45 Introduction by organisers
14:00/14:15 Start 1st round of workshops/presentations etc.
15:15 Break
15:30 Start of 2nd round of workshops/presentations etc.
16:30 Networking at the bar, some drinks and snacks provided
17:30 End


1. Create a Portable Career.
Become a ‘mobilepreneur’. Today is the day of the mobilepreneur. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to create a career which you can take anywhere. Learn to tap into your passion and design a business, a career, and a lifestyle that enables you to work when you want, where you want, and with whom you want. Whether you are marketing goods, services, or simply information, it is possible to create a career doing what you love. And when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.
By: Bob Vernon – –
1st round 14:00 & 2nd round 15:15

2. Starting your online business and get your first customer in 24 hours
– Making and launching your website
– Setting up emails, online chat, blogs, phone numbers.
– Setting up google adwords
– Converting your first lead
By: Piyuesh Modi – Learn and Teach Anything for Free –
1st round 14:00 & 2nd round 15:15

3. ‘Ideas Worth Spreading, TEDxStrijp Workshop’
Alternating between watching pre-recorded TED talks and engaging in discussion, brainstorming and story-telling, this interactive workshop aims to capture the concept of ‘ideas worth spreading’. In it, you will get to learn new and possibly unexpected things and, on that basis, get to interact with other enthusiastic participants in a friendly and open environment. We will introduce the format of TEDx, let you know about TEDxStrijp, watch carefully chosen TED talks around which we build our activities and even, but optionally, let you appear in a ‘ideas worth spreading’ video project.
By: Xavier Weiss – –
1st round 14:00 & 2nd round 15:15

4. Your inspiration for 2016!
In 2015, Thomas van der Meer made his debut on a TEDx stage during TEDxSaxion. He gave three-part crash course on happiness. Now he’s coming to Eindhoven during International Social Fridays to turn 2016 into a great success for you! During an interactive workshop he will help you turn all your wishes for 2016 in one powerful affirmation!
By: Thomas van der Meer – –
1st round 14:00 & 2nd round 15:15

5. Workshop Constellations – There is more to reality then we think we know
During this workshop we work with constellations. This is a way to get access to collective fields of information. Fields that determine the possibilities of organizations, markets, networks, societies and ultimately ourselves. In the workshop I will teach you several systemical principles and possibilities depending on the questions the participants themselves want bring into the field.
By: Wouter Bosch – –
This is a two hour workshop.

6. The Challenges of Living Abroad
In this workshop we’ll explore some of the challenges of migrating to a new town; how to create yourself a new ‘home’, a new way of living. We will exchange ideas and feelings about ‘home’ and how to ‘get in touch’ with some tools to help build up your private and social life in the new Dutch setting.
By: Carola Eijsenring – Indigo Wereld –

Don’t forget the networking time afterwards. From 16:30h to 17:30h (free drinks and snacks provided). You can all meet at the bar to connect, exchange and socialize. Interesting!

If you like to have more information on the International Social Friday, please send a mail to

See you on the 29th of January 2016.

Please share this event in your international network.

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