PvdA to find legal alternative to squatters in Stedelijk College

Is there no legal alternative available for the squatters who have taken up residence in the Stedelijk College at Avignonlaan. This is the big question for the labour party, PvdA to ask the council.

The Town Hall would have an agreement with the two squatters in the building. But the party would like to know why the Town Hall has not given the property to be managed by the ‘Ruimte’ association. And maybe there are other temporary solutions to use the empty Stedelijk College building, rather than allowing the squatters to live there.

In addition, the PvdA would like to know if there are currently more buildings in the city belonging to the Municipality, which are illegally occupied or used by squatters, and what is the plan of the Town Hall regarding these buildings.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Usha Shankar

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