Hundred ‘mini-libraries’ for the library

Hundred mini-libraries as a gift for the library. This gift was given by the organisation, ‘Samen voor Eindhoven’ (together for Eindhoven), to the library, in celebration of its 100th anniversary.

Mini libraries are small cabinets containing two shelves, filled with books. The cabinets hang in public areas so that everyone can take a book from them and can return the book thereafter.

The organisation, ‘Samen voor Eindhoven’, is aiming to place these cabinets in 100 various places, throughout the city. The first mini-library has been already completed and was presented during the annual association meeting of Samen voor Eindhoven.

The mini-libraries are made by employees of an organisation called ‘Ervaring die staat van de straat’, (experience gained on the streets). This organisation focuses on helping homeless people. Therefore, the first mini-library will be placed at the night reception area of the organisation.

During the network event, participants were asked to help in organising the plan, building the cabinets, donating books, etc. Big companies, such as Rabobank and IAK offered their cooperation. Furthermore, also smaller organisations such as Kringloop, an organisation that takes care of reusing goods; Het Goed, another organisation that deals with reused goods, in cooperation with Kringloop; Books4Life, an organisation of second-hand book shops for charity; have all decided to assist with this project.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Galit Diepens

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