‘Residents of Jan van Boendalelaan want safe streets’

The residents of the Jan van Boendalelaan in Eindhoven want to go to any level to make their streets safer.

They have turned to politics to draw attention to their interests. Soon, the adjacent Hoogstraat will be revamped, but the residents feel that there is not much consideration taken into account in the plan regarding the road safety of their street.

The design is finished and the procurement phase is set into action. In the initial planning stage of the reconstruction of the Hoogstraat, the residents of the street have been consulted, but the inhabitants of the side streets have hardly been spoken for. "We have presented a number of initiatives together with the municipality. Eventually there was a proper dialogue, but after that we have not heard anything at all." says Ton Siroen resident of the Jan van Boendalelaan. Emails and phone calls are not answered. It seems as if the municipality did not want us to think along and that we can bring our interests only with official objections in the limelight.

The Labour Party has decided to help the residents. Councellor Frank Depla is going to ask the Alderman, during the half hour ‘question and answer session’ on Wednesday, if the plan can still be adjusted, in consultation with the residents of the Jan van Boendalelaan.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Usha Shankar

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