Construction starts on Chinese Pavilion

Dignitaries From Nanjing were present today for the start of construction on the Chinese Pavilion.

The pavilion will be built on the car park opposite the Videolab on the Torenallee.

The Chinese Pavilion is a gift from Eindhoven’s Chinese twin city Nanjing in celebration of 20 years of twinning between the two cities. In 2011, Eindhoven built the Friendship Park in Nanjing. The pavilion is a gift from Nanjing. It will cost around 1.25 million euros, and the Municipality will have extra costs too. The preparatory work and the issue of permits cost around two hundred thousand euros.

The Chinese Pavilion will be run by hospitality entrepreneur Evelyn Wu.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Lizzie Kean (LinkedIn)

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