CKE: more time needed for new plan

Making hasty, radical cuts in the arts leads to erosion, and even the disappearance of the supply to education. That is the position taken by the RvT, the supervisory board of CKE.

The RvT has informed the Committee of its position in a letter. The concept cultural plan (Concept Cultuurbrief ) drawn up by the Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven is to be discussed tomorrow in the council committee for Economy and Mobility.

The Cultuurbrief recommends, among other, that CKE should have its subsidy cut from four million euros to two million euros. The two million euros which then become available are to be used to start up new initiatives in the area of culture and the arts.

CKE is interested in being included in those new initiatives, but in order to do so, it needs more time to reorient itself. The suggested time line is until 1 January 2017, however the new school year actually starts in September 2016. It is almost impossible to come up with a well-thought-out plan before then. The RvT is prepared to further explain its plan in person if so required by the committee.

According to CKE, much culture and arts in education has been lost in other cities through hasty and radical decisions. The CKE arts centre hopes to prevent that happening here.

An employment case will be heard by the Kantonrechter (magistrate) tomorrow. The RvT had suspended director Ruud Janssen from his duties because of a difference of opinion. The letter to the committee does not mention the suspension at all.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Lizzie Kean (LinkedIn)

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