DAF goes on strike once again

The truck manufacturer DAF plans to go on strike once again. The strike will last for three days from Monday to Wednesday next week. The goal is to arrive at a better collective agreement.

The metal sector of FNV Union has called on the staff of the truck manufacturer to stop working next week. The Union’s demands include a fairer wage, better and more convenient work hours, and more security for flex workers, according to a flyer distributed to staff.

The reason behind the strike was attributed to a stalemate situation in which employers and employees have ended past discussions. According to Remy de Bats, who is employed by DAF and who is also an officer of the FNV Union, there has been no positive development in the negotiations they have had earlier. So the effort is once again renewed.

It is not the first time that there is a strike at DAF for better contracts and terms. The last time was in late July. Each time, work was stopped for 24 hours. Now the strike is for three days for the first time.

De Bats says there is a reason for the three day strike as it will have a larger impact on the inventory DAF carries and will affect the business much more.

I am unable to estimate the exact number of employees who will strike over the three says Remy de Bats. "I estimate somewhere between 400 and 900 men."

Source: Studio040
Translation: Aditi Chatterji

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