Heuvel mall re-opened on September 5

On Saturday, September 5th the Winkelcentrum Heuvel (Heuvel mall) will festively be reopened officially.

During the reopening the huge bingo machine will be lowered. Then the amount of yellow construction helmets the object contained, will be announced. During recent months the bingo machine was hanging in the mall. Visitors could gain a store credit of € 750, -, by guessing how many.

The Forum, the area on the north side of the mall, is back into use since last Saturday after a floor was built and the escalators were moved.

Visitors to the mall are not completely out of the renovation of the property. Until November several staircases are to be tackled, as well as the ceilings and some storefronts.

The work must be completed just before Glow as the mall is part of the route of the light festival.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Maryanne Staal

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