Seats2Meet and Eindhoven News work together on event

Seats2Meet Strijp S Eindhoven and Eindhoven News are working together on an international event: International Social Friday. This event will be 25 September 2015.

‘SHARING’ is written large for both Seats2Meet and Eindhoven News. Mutually they agree on the importance of sharing information, knowledge and skills. Equally they have space to share, either literally or digitally.

Connecting and cooperating are two other common missions. They believe those aspects are important for the Seats2Meet community and on a larger scale for the whole society. Therefor they work together on organising an International Social Friday.

The International Social Friday, will work the same as the monthly Social Fridays at Seats2Meet Strijp S but this one is specifically for all international minded parties.

Interested international parties can hold a workshop, conference or do a presentation on any related subject. The room is given free of charge and the nature of the event must be non-profit.

Program Friday 25 September 2015 (provisionally)
13:30 Walk in
13:40 Introduction S2M
13:50 Introduction Eindhoven News
14:00 Start Workshops/presentations etc.
16:00-17:00 Drinks and networking at the bar

If you like to organise an event, you need to do following:
-Let Seats2Meet know you like to organise an event asap but before 10 September 2015
-Advertise your event
-Attract your own participants
-Hold the event in English
-In your communication please mention the opportunity given by Seats2Meet and Eindhoven News
-Confim to Mymza of Seats2Meet the name of your event before 10 September
-Let Mymza know before 20 September the amount of participants/guests for the event
-Enjoy all the way

What can you expect from Seats2Meet and Eindhoven News?
-An appropriate meeting space free of charge including flip-over or beamer
-They will advertise the International Social Friday through all Seats2Meet channels and on Eindhoven News (website, Facebook and LinkedIn)
-As soon as they have the program they will communicate this too
-Provision of tea and coffee, and later on drinks and some bites at the bar

On the day of the event it will be decided which space suits you best. You can change the lay-out but please put it back in its original form afterwards.

If you need any help in organising your event or attracting participants, they are happy to help.

NETWORKING TIME After the presentations and workshops you and your guests are welcome at the bar from 16:00 to 18:00hrs. (Some drinks and snacks provided).
This is a very good opportunity to get in touch with like-minded people who could be interesting for you and vice versa in all sorts of ways.

For more information you can send a mail to Mymza of Seats2Meet Strijp S Eindhoven: or you can contact Irene from Eindhoven News:

In any case, if you like to join an interesting workshop come to Seats2Meet on the 25th of September.

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