Politics: More room for late flights at Airport

A narrow majority of the Eindhoven city council thinks that Eindhoven Airport should be given more space to allow early morning and late evening planes taking off and landing.

Opposition parties VVD, Ouderen Appel (Elders Appeal), CDA, Leefbaar Eindhoven (Livable Eindhoven) , LPF and coalition group D66 support growth in the early and late hours. They emphasize the importance of growth for the regional economy and employment. The increase does not have to be bad for residents, they say. If more airlines use Eindhoven as a base, those companies can be demanded to fly quieter and more durable.

Coalition parties PvdA, GroenLinks and SP do not agree. By allowing additional flights before eight o’clock in the morning and after eleven o’clock at night the nuisance continues to increase. The groups find that thus the residents are left in the lurch.

The decision to allow growth in the late hours, leaded to irritation between D66 and the other coalition parties. Although no agreements have been made in the coalition agreement about the growth of Eindhoven Airport , PvdA and GroenLinks were still angry about the actions of D66 because D66 came with a motion on night flights at the last moment without informing the other coalition parties.

Other councils in the region reject more early and late flights. Regional municipalities together with local residents and the airport are discussing the maximum growth of Eindhoven Airport.

At Eindhoven airport thousands of people earn a living. This year the airport expects to handle 4.2 million passengers.

Source: Studio040

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