ASML towards record levels

Chip machine manufacturer ASML in Veldhoven is benefiting from the rising demand for computer chips for smartphones and tablets. The high-tech company achieved record sales of 1.65 billion euros in the second quarter with an end result of 370 million euros. In the first quarter net profit was 403 million euros.

Interview Source: ASML

The results according to CEO Peter Wennink are slightly above the forecasts that the company had issued itself for the second quarter. "The demand is high and will remain high for the time being," says CEO Peter Wennink. "50 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet in 2020. A lot of calculation and memory capacity in the form of chips is required for that."

ASML sells chip machines to companies like Intel and IBM. The machines are becoming more and more sophisticated. With the latest version, EUV, even smaller chips can be made for example of 7 nanometers (millionth of a millimeter) wide. Eight years ago, the minimum size of chips was 45 nanometers.

Source: Studio040

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