René Janssen wins Spinoza Prize

TU/e professor René Janssen will receive a Spinoza Prize, the highest Dutch award in science. This was announced by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). NWO praises Janssen, professor of Molecular Materials and Nanosystems, as ‘world leader in the field of organic solar cells’.

NWO yearly awards three or four NWO Spinoza Prizes to scientists working in the Netherlands who are regarded as world leaders in their field. The winners each receive 2.5 million euros, which they can use it for scientific research of their own choice. This year there are four winners.

"René Janssen has found a unique way to combine chemistry, physics and fundamental research with applied research", says the NWO declaration. "As a scientist, Janssen is motivated by one of the great societal challenges: the global transition to sustainable energy sources. His approach is unique in science, and Janssen has succeeded through his ideas in inspiring many international researchers. Through his research into materials and new technologies, polymer solar cells have developed from a scientific novelty into a potential future energy source."

The TU/e professor regards this prize as a great honor. "It comes as a big surprise to me, and it’s the kind of award that you normally don’t even dare to dream about. I regard it a huge honor, not just for myself but most of all for our whole group. The results we achieve are due to the tremendous efforts of all students, PhD candidates, postdocs and permanent staff, all of whom are working together to open up new horizons, day in and day out."


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