Lack of money thwarts school plans

Many new construction plans and renovations of Eindhoven schools might not take place. By cut backs from The Hague there is a financial hole of EUR 80 million on the budget of schools housing.

Dozens of schools in the city need to be rebuilt urgently or need a new location. The estimated cost of that over the next twenty years is hundreds of millions of euros. But there is now a shortage of 80 million to begin with.

The municipality believes that the city and the schools have to step up and manage the funding together, but according to the schools, the municipality has to cough up the deficit. The schools say they are not responsible for school buildings. If schools do not contribute, Alderman Visscher believes that the plans should be cut back significantly.

Next week, the schools and the communities will meet to find a solution. There is an urgency because the plans and contract for the new merged school Frits Philips Lyceum must be set in motion next month.

Source: Studio040

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