Animal shelter Doornakkers takes steps to fight heat

Animal shelter Doornakkers has taken steps to fight the tropical heat period that is approaching our region. Reasons for these steps are of course the welfare of the animals. Extremely hot weather can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous for animals.

The animals’ enclosures and floors will be kept cool by using wet sheets. Furthermore, dogs will be taken for longer walks early in the morning. During the later hours of the day, they will be taken for no longer than 15-minute walks.

Water amusement is also organised for the dogs with little swimming pools and water sprinklers, a good way to enable them to cool off. Furthermore, "animal ice creams" will also be prepared for dogs and cats. The "ice cream" will consist of water or bouillon mixed with dry dog and/or dry cat food, respectively.

The animal shelter advises pet owners also to take steps to fight the heat: Do not walk you dogs at the hottest part of the day and do not let them run next to you while you are cycling. Make sure that your pet kennels are not in the sun. Furthermore, use wet sheets to cool your pet kennels.

Source: Studio040

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