New Eindhoven beers on the market

Eindhoven will get a couple of real beers next weekend brewed by a student at the Design Academy.

Roald Sooijs has brewed beers once before as a hobby, but through his studies at the Design Academy now taking his hobby more seriously. There is a big difference from the "normal" beers that are on the market. According to Sooijs: "Lots of beers and beer connoisseurs focus mainly on the hop, but I’ll throw it all about. To me it is primarily about the malt." His brewery has also been given the name Brewery ‘de Mouterij’ (malthouse).

But besides the malt, there are other flavors that are giving the beer a distinctive taste. There are beers that contain, for example miso and seaweed, lily-root and fresh herbs. The exotic beers have names like "Black Smith" and "Sea paddler".

The beers are not brewed in a dorm room. However, since he doesn’t own a private brewery yet, Roald Sooijs uses the facilities of Brewery Van Moll.

Source: Studio040

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