TU/e disassociates from talk fraud professor Diederik Stapel

The Tu/e expressly took distance from the appearance of Diederik Stapel at an event last night about ‘branding’.

Former Professor Stapel has committed "scientific fraud and thus has caused enormous damage to the reputation of the social sciences, the sciences that are vital to our faculty." So say the Board of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences and the University Administration in response to Cursor, the university journal of the TU/e.

Mr. Stapel, according to the University, violated the standards of academic integrity – standards that the TU/e considers very important. For that reason, he is also deprived of his PhD degree. The University believes that Mr. Stapel should not be given a stage.

The student association of Industria organized TBKx last night. An event with the theme "Branding". The organization hopes the reading of Mr. Stapel, gives insight to ‘what negative publicity does, for example to the image and personality.’

A spokesman said via Cursor, they were aware of ‘the indignation that would arise from the arrival of such a speaker’. He stressed that the organization is certainly not backing up Mr. Stapel as an academic but they thought his input would be a definite plus for the event.

Source: Studio040

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