‘Eindhoven prevention team against radicalisation’

PvdA (labour party), Groen Links (green left) and the SP (socialist party) in Eindhoven want to set up a special team to detect Islamic extremism in the city.

According to the parties it is an important step towards the detection of radicalisation, because something can be done centrally.

In the team there should be people from various relevant partners and organizations, like ‘Wij-generalisten’ (we-generalists) and people of ‘Jeugdzorg’ (youth care). It is important that all those partners know how to recognize the signs of radicalisation and know how to address it. It is also a good idea to organize this from a central point, the parties think.

In a motion filed this evening the parties say that the Municipality gets the signalling task from the Cabinet. Though to municipalities it is not always clear how to organise this.

Source: Studio040

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