Meet: ‘Mix and Match Eindhoven: Internationals and Arts’

Welcome to our first post and with that our official start of a series of weekly updates on Eindhoven News!

We are very happy to be writing and informing you about our progress into organising this very special event called: ‘Mix and Match Eindhoven: Internationals and Arts’ at Parktheater Eindhoven on the 19th of November 2014.

Say what?!
You’re probably thinking; what is it about, why and for whom? Well.. if we are totally heading in the wrong direction with this post, just leave a comment on our website! We’d love to hear about your ideas. But assuming you are as curious as we are, here it goes.

The event is focused on facilitating a place where internationals (from anywhere, with any background) can meet and mingle with the creative sector from Eindhoven. To inspire each other and create new, innovative and fresh combinations. With creative sector we mean: Eindhoven museums, theatres (Parktheater obviously), cinemas, artists, cultural/creative entrepreneurs and anyone who is creatively active in Eindhoven.

So who are we? We are a group of nine dedicated students and brand ourselves as ConFusion Events Agency. ConFusion is a student company that came together for a project for ‘Parktheater Eindhoven’. You must be wondering what we have been studying exactly: International Leisure Management at NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda. Take a look at our ‘About’ page for more info and a more visual look on who’s part of our team and the different roles we have.

A little over a month ago we started preparing for the eventon 19 November, so you missed out on a little info already. Very conveniently we have been blogging for a longer time, which you can find by visiting: There you’ll find inspirational posts, people we talked to, event reviews and so on.

We are very open to all suggestions and people that would like to help out. Please send us an email and/or find our event on Facebook.

Until next time,

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