Philips crowned Top API for the Internet of Things

Royal Philips took the crown for the Top API for the Internet of Things at the prestigious Digital Accelerator Awards with its revolutionary Philips Hue personal wireless lighting system.

Philips Hue won in a category which recognizes "ground-breaking innovation" and devices that "enhance the way people live, work and play". Philips Hue an innovative connected lighting system for the home, allows you to illuminate and control your home lighting directly from your iOS and Android device.

The awards are part of this year’s "I love API" conference being held in Fort Mason, San Francisco between the 8 and 10 September.

Nacho Sanchez, CEO of Inqbarna, who created the app ‘Splyce’ for Hue said, "An open API is the best way for developers to use their imagination and design great apps which make the most out of Philips Hue. As well as both Philips and developers consumers are also major beneficiaries."

Nacho added, "An open API combined with the Internet of Things opens many possibilities to companies and developers; we are now finding solutions for problems that had no answer in the past. This approach will help drive the Internet of Things movement forward even faster than ever."

Kevin Toms who manages the Developer Program for Philips Hue describes how Hue puts light at the heart of the connected home: "Analysts predict that the Internet of Things will grow to over 50 billion items by 2020, increasing from around 8 billion in 2014. Our focus at Philips is to provide amazing lighting experiences that take light beyond mere illumination. The open API has led to more than 190 third-party apps being created so far, with many more to come each new app brings a new and interactive way for consumers to enjoy Philips Hue."

The Hue software developers kit has allowed developers, whether experts or those creating apps as a hobby, to develop mobile apps for Philips Hue. The open access to the API and the offer of a programming guide and libraries to help people get started allows easy app creation.


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