Liberation fire on its way from Bayeux to Eindhoven

The liberation fire that will be lit tomorrow evening at the Stadhuisplein, has departed early this morning from Bayeux towards Eindhoven. A group of racing cyclists from Eindhoven is accompanying the fire towards our city.

Yesterday evening the fire was lit in Bayeux, the place where the Allied Forces landed during World War II, by mayor Van Gijzel and the mayor of Bayeux. They spoke about the importance of remembring what happened 70 years ago at this moment in time, after the summer of violence we have experienced.

Together with the mayor, there were also about one hundred students of the Van Maerlant and the Christiaan Huygens schools present at the gathering. They have been visiting historical sites in this French town over the last few days, like Omaha beach where the Allied Forces set foot on ground and the American cemetery.

Source: Studio040

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