Technology Students Docusoap

Brabant Television is to broadcast a docusoap featuring six technology students from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Fontys College starting on 9th March. March. Twelve episodes of the documentary soap called “Campus Eindhoven” will follow the lives of students studying and living in Eindhoven in the coming months.

Eindhoven City Council is involved in the TV production to promote the educational institutions and the city of Eindhoven. The 12 episodes of 12 minutes each will take a look at how versatile the life of an engineering student in Eindhoven can be. Not only will we see the students studying but there will be glimpses of their daily and social lives. In short, what life in Eindhoven is really like!
The camera crew will follow the six Dutch students Marco, Ilona and Annelieke from TU/e, Corbin, Aurelle and Ron from Fontys College. You can get acquainted with the "stars" of the soap via the website and follow their stories on social media, on Facebook and Twitter but unfortunately only in the Dutch language.

Technology courses are increasingly popular with young people and
the Association of Universities VSNU presented last week’s figures showing a 12% increase of students applying for technology courses. However, there still remains a shortage of skilled and highly trained technical personnel, particularly in the Brainport region.

Photo from top left to bottom right: Corbin, Ilona, Ron, Marco, Annelieke en Aurelle

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