New digital speed cameras in Eindhoven and Geldrop

Starting 20 February, 18 new digital cameras will be activated on different spots in Eindhoven and Geldrop. They are mainly located at the same locations as the analog cameras. These are being replaced by more modern models.

Digital speed cameras are active 24 hours a day and pictures are directly sent to the police. Infra-red flashes are used, that are almost invisible to the naked eye. They are, therefore, not causing any discomfort to the drivers.

In Eindhoven, digital cameras are located at:
– Piuslaan, at the intersection of Leenderweg, 70 km/h
– Beukenlaand, at the intersection of Zeelsterstraat-Strijpsestraat, 70 km/h
– Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat, at the intersection of John F. Kennedylaan, 70 km/h
– Huizingalaan, at the intersection of Fakkellaan-Roelantlaan, 50 km/h
– Boschijk, at the intersection of Tweede Lieve de Keylaan-Vredeoord, 50 km/h
– Leenderweg, at the intersection of Piuslaan-Leostraat, 50 km/h

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