Financial Times: invest in Eindhoven

The leading British newspaper Financial Times predicts a golden future for Eindhoven. The Brainport region has the best investment climate in Europe, after London and Helsinki.

The heart of the high-tech is the perfect spot to invest in the future, according to Financial Times. Never before, the Netherlands ranked this high.

The fDi European Cities and Regions of the Future is a biennial ranking published by Financial Times. It is a ranking of the cities and regions that have the best climate for foreign investments, economic development and business expansion.

Eindhoven mayor Rob van Gijzel states the top ranking confirms that the right direction has been taken over the past years. ‘Eindhoven developed itself to a successful cooperating ecosystem in the field of high-tech and design, where creativity and knowledge meet and reinforce each other,’ Van Gijzel says.

The ranking is based on the fDi-strategy, infrastructure and economic growth, amongst other factors. Brainport scored well on these three factors. The active entrepreneurial climate in the region was also taken into account. In 2013, the province of Noord-Brabant was granted the European Entrepreneurial Region label by the European Committee of Regions.

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