Eindhoven airport Schiphol’s twin

Eindhoven Airport should become the largest airport in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The reason being that Schiphol can no longer expand, thus having Eindhoven receive extra air traffic. Two researchers argued this principle in an opinion piece in the ‘Volkskrant’ newspaper.

According to the researchers, Jeroen Saris and Jaap Modder, there are several reasons to choose Eindhoven over Lelystad or Rotterdam, for example. This would lead to Eindhoven as a more central point in Europe. In Eindhoven, there are much more possibilities for expansion than in any other airport in the Netherlands.

It would also be very good for the Eindhoven area. Eindhoven has the strongest growth in ‘knowledge’ economy and includes several companies with turnover in the billions, and yet the region is difficult to reach. There is no connection to the high-speed rail line and Eindhoven is only accessible by vacation flights, according to the researchers.

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