‘Discovery TU/e revolution for paper industry’

A new solvent created by TU/e-researcher Maaike Kroon could mean a revolution in the paper industry.

With this new solvent it is mady easy to dissolve wood fibers. Until now, that was never possible. This makes the process of extracting paper far easier. According to TU/e the solvent will save the industry a lot of money. It also saves a significant amount of energy, because the solvent is completely biodegradeable.

14 European paper producers are so interested in this new discovery, that they are investing in the further development of the solvent. Kroon has the patent. With the industry’s funding, she will have four years to do research at the university in Eindhoven. In the end, this should lead to a test factory in The Netherlands.

It may take another 15 years before the solvent can be applied on a large scale.

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