Argentine Tango in Eindhoven

It is one of the most expressive dances; encompassing a variety of powerful emotions. Argentine Tango is a very elegant and sensual dance; it is fascinating to watch how two bodies move in perfect harmony to the music.

You can learn to dance Argentine Tango at the Scala Dance Hall, located on the Kanaalstraat 6 in Eindhoven. The foundation behind this Argentine dance in Eindhoven is called TipoTango and is a non-profit organization consisting of Tango-loving volunteers. TipoTango’s mission is to broaden Argentine Tango awareness and create various activities surrounding this beautiful dance. You can join beginner classes or advanced classes or just take part in the activities.

Recently,I had a talk with two crew members of TipoTango, Jacqueline and Jan. Both very committed and enthusiastic Tango Dancers.
My first question was: "What is the difference between Argentine Tango and Ballroom Tango?"
Jacqueline replied that actually Ballroom Tango was created from Argentine Tango. Furthermore, the Ballroom Tango is a
"westernized version" of the Argentine Tango. Jan went on to mention that a noticeable difference between Argentine Tango and Ballroom Tango is in the shape and feel of the embrace.

I have asked whether lessons are intended only for couples or are singles also welcome. Jan has answered that the lessons are intended for both couples and singles. He further elaborated that they try to match singles with a suitable dance partner.
They informed me that classes cover a wide range – from absolute beginners to master classes for advanced dancers.

I went on to ask "In which language lessons are given?"
They replied that lessons are given mainly in Dutch and English. However, if necessary, lessons can also be given in German.

My next question was "How can one join?" Their reply was that there are trial classes for people who would like to experience whether they want to go ahead and learn to tango. Furthermore, classes start twice a year: at the end of January and at the end of September.

They went on to inform me that the TipoTango dance events (Milongas) are held every Friday evening from 21:00 to 00:30 as well as on the Second and Fourth Sunday of each month from 17:00 to 22:00. During the Milongas, people are welcome to watch, experience the atmosphere and of course dance. The Milongas are open for everybody.

In closing, I have asked them to define what Argentine Tango means to them. Jacqueline told me that she has been dancing for twenty years. She experiences the dance as a way to express herself via the music and the interaction with the other dancers. For Jan, Tango is a harmonious connection with the various dance partners and the music. He went on to say that every dance is a unique experience.

For more details you can check the website: Tipotango

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