For the present no ‘Ruit’ (diamond) around Eindhoven

For the time being no ‘Ruit’ (diamond shaped road) will be constructed around Eindhoven. Dutch parliament decided that the money that was available for the project could be better spent on widening, amongst others, the A67 and A58.

Political parties PvdA, D66, GroenLinks, 50Plus and opposition party ChristenUnie have turned against the construction of the road. These parties believe that the ‘Ruit’ will not solve the traffic problems around Eindhoven.
Research institute CE Delft concluded last week that the new road from Son en Breugel to Laarbeek and the widening of the N279 between the A67 and Veghel will probably not be cost-effective.

The new road would cost around 265 million euros.

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