‘Sinterklaas should arrive by boat’

Sinterklaas should arrive in Eindhoven by boat this year, as usual. This is what members of political parties PvdA and CDA are saying.

Citymarketing organization Eindhoven 365, is organizing the entrance of Saint Nicholas and they want to move the arrival from the Kanaaldijk to the city centre. That means Sinterklaas will no longer be able to sail to Eindhoven with his steamboat.

Eindhoven 365 thinks that the entrance of Sinterklaas at the canal can cause unsafe situations. The politicians find this very strange, because the entrance has been taking place at the canal for many years now and safety measures have always proven to be adequate.

The parties want to discuss the entrance of Sinterklaas together with city council and Eindhoven 365, to see if there is any way that Sinterklaas could arrive on his steamer after all.

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